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Published on April 6th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs: The Easiest Recipe

perfect hard boiled eggs

As Easter rapidly approaches, a lot of busy families are getting their hard boiled egg dyeing tradition in on the Saturday before the candy orgy goes down.

Of course, hard boiled eggs are omnipresent on Easter, either braided into bread or hidden for egg hunts or decorating a table. (And overpowering the more pleasant food smells in the fridge.) Most of the time, actually eating the eggs is one of the smaller concerns of the day, and a dozen or more go to waste after serving as a project for kids or a dining table decoration.

However, if you want to put hard boiled eggs to use after Easter, like egg salad or are starting a post-holiday low-carb diet, the leftover Easter favors can be made very edible by taking some precaution to make them not disgusting. Which is, apparently, quite easily. The Los Angeles Times delved into the issue of how to make tasty hard boiled eggs, and says that the key is in (as is the case with most boiled eggs), timing.

The paper advises gently placing raw eggs in a pot full of water that is cold, not hot, to prevent cracking during the cooking process. (Which results in the suckiest hard boiled eggs.) Bring the eggs to a rolling boil and let them hang out in the boiling pot for just 60 seconds. At that point, remove the entire thing from heat and leave them.

When you can stick your hand comfortably in the pot, the eggs are cooked to perfection, without the sulfur-smell and green ring. Are you coloring or cooking hard boiled eggs for Easter?



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