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German Police Spend €25 Million Only To Find They Can Fit In The New Cars

Well this is embarrassing to say the least but it seems that there is a slight problem, or two, with the fancy new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer that got ordered for the police officers of the German state of Hesse.

After spending €25 million for 800 of these spanky new cars, or which only 200 have been delivered so far, two rather big problems came to light, even though the Hesse Interior Ministry said that they had been thoroughly tested before hand.

The first problem and one that really bothered the policemen driving the new cars was that the view out the rear window was way to limited and that this was a dangerous problem for the officers who need to see everything going on around them without any impediments.

However the other major problem was that the seat in the new cars are two narrow. Under normal conditions this wouldn’t be a problem but then you or I aren’t a policeman wearing a guns, carrying a truncheon, as well as other necessary equipment.

The ministry insisted that the car had been tested prior to the order. “The results did not point to any lack of suitability for police service,” a ministry spokeswoman told regional broadcaster HR. She added that the ministry was aware of the problem.

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