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Published on April 20th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Happy 4/20! High Times Editor Discusses Pot Recipes For Those Who Don’t Smoke

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It’s been said a bit that marijuana legalization is the new gay marriage, in that Americans are experience a sea change of public opinion on the matter, with more believing the plant should be decriminalized so everyone can get their smoke on each 4/20.

However, 4/20 celebrations are still illegal in most US jurisdictions (for the uninitiated, 4/20 is a date associated with marijuana for nebulous reasons) and another roadblock is that many people have shunned any sort of smoking in recent years. Vaporizers have become a popular alternative, and a cottage industry has grown (heh) around marijuana consumables like pot brownies, pot butter and pot lollipops in areas where medical marijuana is legal.

If you don’t have a nearby dispensary to stock up for your 4/20 party and have to rely on your sister’s flaky ex to pick up stash refills, you can still make tasty non-smokeable treats for the smoke-shunners in your friend circle- High Times‘ Elise McDonough spoke to HuffPo about the high points of eating weed, explaining:

“When you eat the cannabis as opposed to smoking or vaporizing, it lasts longer. if you deal with chronic pain, you are going to get release for four to five hours instead of one to two hours.”

It is more discreet, and it saves your lungs. Chronic longterm smoking can lead to bronchitis.”

You can prep for your 4/20 party by reading the whole interview here.



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