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Published on April 20th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Teens Are Texting More Than Ever. Take That Social Networking!

Teens Texting More

Despite the advent of social networking and the endless hours teens spend on Facebook, Twitter and other networks a new Pew Internet and American Life Project survey has found that text messaging is still the top method for one-on-one digital communication.

The survey asked 700 teens between the ages of 12 to 17 to talk about their cellphone use and habits. The study found that on average teens in 2009 were sending 50 texts per day while that number has now increased to 60 texts today. The study also found that older teens, boys and blacks text message more than any other groups outside of “older girls” who “remain the most enthusiastic texters, with a median of 100 texts a day in 2011, compared with 50 for boys the same age.”

According to the survey 63 percent exchange text messages daily while 39 percent call by cellphone daily and 35 percent say they socialize face-to-face outside of school. Social networking in the meantime sees 29 percent daily usage, 22 percent instant message use and 6 percent use email.

The survey also found that talking and texting tend to play into one another:

“The heaviest texters (those who exchange more than 100 texts a day) are much more likely than lighter texters to say that they talk on their cellphone daily.”

69 percent of heavy texters talk on their cellphones daily while only 46 percent of medium texters talk on their phones and 43 percent of light texters make phone calls.

With more smartphones hitting the market and unlimited texting plans becoming the norm I can’t say these numbers surprise me although I thought before this survey that social networking daily use would be higher than it is claimed to be.



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