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Published on April 30th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Sue Simmons Has Another ‘Hot Mic’ Episode

sue simmons hot mic

Oh, Sue Simmons, here in New York we never want to quit you.

I’m mumblety-three years old, and I can’t remember a time when the seemingly unaging anchor hasn’t been a staple of the nightly news. Sue Simmons has appeared on NBC since I was a tiny, tiny baby, starting her tenure in 1980. Alas, her thirty-plus year tenure on the network is about to end, as the station has opted not to renew her contract upon its expiry in June.

Sue Simmons was not known super well outside the New York metro area until 2008, and after the advent of the viral video. Falling victim to a “hot mic,” the anchorwoman was unwittingly on the air when she asked a co-host, “The f*ck are you doing?” The clip garnered tons of YouTube views, and probably became the most nationally notable moment of Sue Simmons’ career.

According to Twitter (where “Sue Simmons” is currently trending), the NBC newswoman is at it again- in the clip below, you can see her live flub this evening where it appears she is describing an incident of accidental boob-touching.

Will you miss Sue Simmons when she retires?



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