Travel Vehicle Gas Arrow You Didn't Know About

Published on May 9th, 2012 | by James Johnson


The Simple And Convenient Car Feature You Probably Didn’t Realize Existed

Vehicle Gas Arrow You Didn't Know About


When we think of advances in car technology we often thing of hybrid vehicles, better safety options, increased engine power and various other high tech features that make our lives easier, cheaper or generally more comfortable but many drivers do not often realize one simple feature on their dashboard, the little arrow next to the gas pump.

So what does the arrow mean? Slate asked users if it could show the way the gauge moves or possibly where the car should go relative to the gas station pump or if it indicated when lit up that the driver had driven a certain number of miles since their last fill up.

The answer however is simple, the arrow allows drivers to quickly discover which side of the vehicle the gas tank cap is located on.

Driving a friends car? Just look and see if you need to fill up on the driver or passenger side, it is literally that simple.

What is most amazing about this new feature is that most new cars offer the symbol yet Slate found that nearly all car drivers failed to realize the gas pump arrow and when they did notice it they didn’t know what it meant.

It’s a simple travel tip that could save you from looking foolish as you pull up to a busy fill station in a rental car.




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