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Published on May 9th, 2012 | by Kim LaCapria


Revenge Dentist Tooth-Pulling Story a Total Hoax, Duh

dentist story hoax poland

I totally called this one, you guys!

After the story of the jilted dentist who pulled all of her ex-lover’s teeth went viral, it seemed not enough people were suspicious of the shady tale’s details. As it was reported, dentist Anna Mackowiak was dumped by her boyfriend for another woman, but immediately after the dumping, the scoundrel showed up back on her doorstep, wanting relief from tooth-related aches and pains.

(Kudos to you if you stopped there and went, “yeah, right.” I barely trust my very nice dentist to tend to my chompers, and I haven’t even dated and left him for another man. Who doesn’t expect a world of pain when submitting to dental work? But you’re gonna go to the woman whose heart you just broke? Unlikely.)

As the story goes, Mackowiak was so overwhelmed by female irrationality (really, who trusts a female dentist?), she sedated the man and summarily yanked all of his healthy teeth from his mouth, leaving him entirely toothless. Again, clearly bollocks. Ever get a tooth pulled with sedation? It may reduce the pain somewhat, but it sure as hell isn’t a walk in the park.

The coup d’etat, of course, is that the vic was then left by his new galpal, because who wants to date a guy with no teeth? It was all tied up a bit neatly for a real news story, and as it turns out, none of it happened. The story originated in… go ahead, guess. The Daily Mail, of course. And despite running direct quotes from the supposed revenge-happy dentist, the rag has all of a sudden gone quiet on how the information on the seemingly whole-cloth tale was obtained.

Daily Mail staff reporter Simon Tomlinson had the story’s byline, but he dodges:

“I’ve drawn a bit of a blank,” he said in an email. “The (Daily) Mail Foreign Service, which did the piece for the paper, is really just an umbrella term for copy put together from agencies. My news desk isn’t sure where exactly it came from.”

You can read a full debunking over on MSNBC.



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