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Published on May 17th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Vermont Bans Fracking Before It Can Even Begin

Vermont Fracking Law

Vermont on Wednesday became the first state to ban the practice of natural gas fracking. Following the ban Governor Peter Shumlin said of the new law “this is a big deal” while adding “We don’t know that we don’t ahve natural gas in Vermont.”

There were no plans to begin fracking in Vermont and there is no proof that natural gas exists in Vermont, however activists and progressives are calling the law a big win. According to one activist in an interview with the Burlington Free Press:

“I think it helps our cause tremendously.”

Next up could be Michigan where the bill’s co-sponsor says officials have contacted him for advice on creating their own ban.

In the meantime the American Petroleum Institute has warned Vermont that it might challenge the law as unconstitutional, the organization cites the commerce clause and the supremacy clause.  Vermont officials do not believe a lawsuit regarding the law will succeed.

Fracking in the meantime has been linked to contaminated drinking water, the loss of wildlife and livestock and in at least one case a fault line crack that may have caused an earthquake.




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