Entertainment Matt Damon's New Film Being Targeted By The Energy Industry

Published on October 8th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Matt Damon’s New Film Being Targeted By The Energy Industry

Matt Damon's New Film Being Targeted By The Energy Industry

Matt Damon has a new film called Promised Land due to hit theaters in December but it is already getting some attention that the filmmakers probably weren’t expecting.

The movie is a drama written by Damon and John Krasinski and focuses on the controversial practice known as fracking, which is the process of pumping chemicals and water deep into shale beds in order to extract natural gas.

Now, even before the movie has made it into the theaters the energy industry is gearing up a campaign to try and project fracking in the most positive light that it can. Some of the responses to the movie are providing film reviewers with scientific studies showing the benefits of fracking as well as the total lack of dangers to humans. They also plan on distributing leaflets to moviegoers and launching a “truth squad” on Twitter and Facebook.

James Schamus, CEO of NBCUniversal’s Focus Features, recently told the Wall Street Journal that there is some real surprise at the emergence of what looks like a concerted campaign to target the film and what it portrays before anyone has even seen the film.

“Fracking is the catalyst for a bigger story about the complex challenges confronting small towns across America today,” said Jim Berk, CEO of Participant Media, which is Focus’ partner on the film. The movie wants to “raise awareness of the importance of transparency and regulations for public health and safety,” he said.

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