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Check Your Blood Sugar Levels With Your Contact Lenses [Video]

Diabetes is becoming one of our most prevalent diseases and being able to keep track of your blood sugar levels is an important part of being able to manage the disease but that usually means having to prick yourself in order to get a sample of blood for meters to read.

Well researchers at the University of Akron are working on a way to make those painful methods a thing of the past with their contact lenses that can monitor your blood sugar levels and change color accordingly.

This works because the lenses are able to sense the glucose in your tears, which is not being metabolized correctly would build up just it occurs in your blood.

Dr. Jun Hu has been working on the technology since 1999 and he notes that currently the change in the lenses color wouldn’t be visible to the wearer unless they were to look in a mirror or be notified by someone else.

His current work is focusing on creating a smartphone app that would take a picture of the eye and read the blood sugar level in the lens. Since the goal is that the app would be sensitive to very subtle changes, this would allow the user to detect if there is a problem before it gets serious — and possible pre-diabetic conditions.


Here is Dr. Hu explaining the idea:



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