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Published on May 23rd, 2012 | by James Johnson


New York Lawmakers Attempt To Ban Anonymous Internet Comments

Anonymous Internet Comment Ban Proposal

Two New York lawmakers are attempting to pass legislation that would make it illegal to leave anonymous comments on websites based in the United States.

The proposal according to the lawmakers is meant to help reduce cyberbullying and “baseless political attacks” while bringing “some accountability to the Internet age.

While the bill would make more than a few online writers happy there is that whole issue of the pesky first amendment.

Christopher Danzig at the Above the Law blog noted:

“I’m not even mad. I’m just impressed that a group of state legislators managed to draft this with a straight face.”

It is true that there are many moronic internet comments posted on the internet every single day, on the other hand Facebook Comments, Disqus and other platforms give website operators the option to delete comments or set all comments to “pending” to avoid issues of harassment and stupidity.

In what might be the most annoying part of the legislation all website owners who allow comments would be required to post a contact number or e-mail address in the comments section so removal requests can be easily sent.

Next on the docket, figuring out a way to make people shut up at rally’s until they show everyone in the audience their driver’s license or state issued ID…because that is basically what this new legislation would demand.

Do you think anonymous internet comments should be allowed or outlawed?



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