Science SpaceX Docks With International Space Station

Published on May 28th, 2012 | by James Johnson


SpaceX Makes History, Docks With International Space Station

SpaceX Docks With International Space Station

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft and the International Space Station made history on Friday morning when the Dragon Capsule successfully docked with the ISS.

SpaceX became the first commercial space agencies to earn a contract worth NASA however the Dragon Capsules launch was delayed for several weeks as NASA and SpaceX officials worked together in order to test the Capsules docking systems and other flight platforms.

The docking was a long overnight procedure that included several unplanned maneuvers to get the capsult into place.

After capturing the capsule with the International Space Stations long robot arm astronaut Don Pettit proclaimed:

“Looks like we’ve got a Dragon by the tail.”

The commercialization of low-orbit missions is meant to allow NASA officials to focus on deep space exploration, including President Obama’s request that the first manned missions to Mars be completed by 2030.

While the Dragon capsule managed to dock it wasn’t without several issues including a device issue that caused the capsule to retreat during its first approach. When the Dragon capsule finally came withing 32 feet of the ISS the missing to “go for capture” was given.

The Dragon capsule was not in perfect alignment during its approach but NASA engineers in Houston eventually called the position “acceptable” and hours later history was made.

Are you excited for the future of commercialized space?



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