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Published on June 14th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Need A Job? Pentagon Needs 600 People To Fly Unmanned Aerial Drones

UAV Reaper Needs More Pilots

The US Air Force has a problem, the agency needs 600 new drone pilots to help fly its unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Making matters worse the military planes to double the number of Reaper aircraft it controls by 2015.

Air Force officials have complained for months that they do not have the resources necessary to watch thousands of hours of surveillance video produced from already flying drones. Now it turns out the Air Force can’t find pilots or workers to control their on-board cameras.

News of the low enrollment numbers in the program come from an April 2012 report (.pdf).

The Air Force reported 1,358 UAV pilots as of Dec. 16, 2011 alongside 949 sensor operators, leaving 338 piloting positions open alongside 245 sensor operation positions.

When the number of Reapers increased from 96 to 199 in 2015 the Air Force will need 1,400 more pilots and sensor operators.
According to Wired:

To meet this demand, the Air Force will hire new outside instructors as well as jump-start two new educational initiatives. The first will create new military undergraduate courses, which will complement existing training programs for pilots and sensor operators. The second is to increase the capacity of its training crews.

With billions of dollars being invested in UAV programs it is highly likely that positions will be filled as quickly as possible.



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