Tech F15Es Massive Bombing

Published on April 17th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Air Force Fighter Wing Wipes Out 1,000 Targets In A Few Short Hours

F15Es Massive Bombing

The United States Air Force on Monday flexed its military might when the organization took out 1,000 mock targets in North Carolina using approximately 70 Boeing F-15E Strike Eagles. The entire attack took just a few hours to complete.

The fighters took off from Seymour Johnson Air Force base in eastern North Carolina with planes launching just a few seconds apart from one another.

Jets fired 25-pound practices bombs on weapons ranges across the state in commemoration of the wing’s World War II combat record which included more than 1,000 destroyed enemy aircraft.

No doubt the drill also showcased the militaries increasing strength. During World War II it would easily take 30,000 bombing runs over several weeks to destroy 1,000 targets however the military’s low intensity bombings thanks to new technologies now allow for almost perfect accuracy for all acquired targets.

The 70 F-15Es used represent only one-third of the Air Force’s Strike Eagle fleet while the Air Force also employs various F-16s and F-22s along with other bombers and drones.

Speaking of the arsenals fighting power Capt. Matt Hund said of the fleets F-15’s and their updated GPS systems:

“We could hit the ‘pickle’ button once and all 12 would drop — and hit 12 different targets.”

Are you impressed with the Air Forces military might?




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