Science NASA's Curiosity Rover Landing Video Pulled From YouTube Over Copyright

Published on August 6th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


NASA’s Curiosity Rover Landing Video Pulled From YouTube Over Copyright

NASA's Curiosity Rover Landing Video Pulled From YouTube Over Copyright

It’s getting to be an old and very tired argument that the way that YouTube deals with take down notices due to copyright claims is buggered, if not totally broken. Every day it seems we hear about yet another video that has been yanked from YouTube because of what are without any doubt, dubious claims so really it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone when it happens.

However in this case there is so much wrong that it should be yet another eye opener for Google and YouTube that they need to rethink their process when it comes to take down notices.

The incident I am referring to is the video that NASA posted the their YouTube channel, NASAtelevision, of the successful landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars that caused so much excitement last night was taken down due to a copyright claim by Scripps; and apparently they are a repeat offender of this type of bogus copyright claims.

When asked about this incident by Alex Pasternack from the Motherboard blog Bob Jacobs, NASA’s Deputy Associate Administrator for Communications had this to say

“We spend too much time going through the administrative process to clear videos slapped with needless copyright claims,” says NASA’s Bob Jacobs. “YouTube seems to be missing a ‘common sense’ button to its processes, especially when it involves public domain material paid for by the American taxpayer.”

“There seems to be few consequences for companies that engage in such activities, which often include legitimate news organizations. We do agree that people who make false copyright claims against our material should be held accountable, regardless of their automated systems.”

Here is the clip that was taken down, and obviously there is nothing here to warrant that action.

via Techdirt / top image courtesy of Motherboard




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