Science Get Your "Hulk" On Thanks To New Muscle Protein Discovery

Published on August 31st, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Get Your “Hulk” On Thanks To New Muscle Protein Discovery

Get Your "Hulk" On Thanks To New Muscle Protein Discovery

There is no getting around it, we are a society that loves to find shortcuts to getting things done and now thanks scientists in Australia we may be able to promote muscle gain with out the pain of going to a gym.

Called Grb10 this newly discovered muscle protein seems to play a very big role in promoting muscle growth without you having to change your diet or activity and it appears to not have any adverse health effects.

The research which is being published in The FASEB Journal this week is still in its earliest stages but scientists say that the experiments with rats have shown some pretty encouraging results.

Mice in which Grb10 function was normal had normal, functioning muscles, like puny Banner. When Grb10 function was disrupted during prenatal development, though, the resulting mice had significantly more muscle mass than their normal counterparts, without any differences in diet or environment.

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The thing I’m worried about is the rats in the experiments. I sure hope they don’t escape into the wild because just imagine coming face to face a Hulk type rat .. not a good idea.



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