Life Hey Oldies Out There, Crack Open A Beer, It'll Help Keep Your Muscles Strong

Published on September 25th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Hey Oldies Out There, Crack Open A Beer, It’ll Help Keep Your Muscles Strong

Hey Oldies Out There, Crack Open A Beer, It'll Help Keep Your Muscles Strong

Well if this isn’t just the best news to hear as I head into my twilight years but some new research out of Tokushima University seems to indicate that there a substance found in hops that can prevent deterioration of muscle tissue.

Now as any beer drinker worth their foamy heads can tell you, hops are the magical ingredient needed for making beer and research has found that 8-prenylnarigenin (8-PN), a prenylated flavoniod, can be used to help prevent muscle tissue deterioration in rats.

However there is a down side to this news – you would probably end up with alcohol poisoning and/or an alcoholic because of the unimaginable amount of beer that you would have to drink, like, 22 to 5,000 gallons of beer per day in order to equal the amount of 8-PN as noted in the experiment.

Of course the scientists involved are hoping to find some way for us to be able to ingest the prenylated flavoniods but without killing ourselves in the process.

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