Tech noPhoto Is Guaranteed To Tick Off The Police

Published on October 10th, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


noPhoto Is Guaranteed To Tick Off The Police [Video]

noPhoto Is Guaranteed To Tick Off The Police

Traffic cams are all over the place taking snapshots every minute of the day and night of vehicles and their drivers as they go about their business. It is also the way in which many police departments capture license plate numbers of those traffic offenders so that they can be sent a ticket in the mail.

Inventor Jonathan Dandrow on the other hand sees them as an invasion of our privacy and has come up with a device that literally turns our license plates invisible to those traffic cameras.

Called noPhoto it is a device that can detect that a camera is taking a picture and then flash a bright light over the plate in order to blind the camera.

“All we’re trying to do is give drivers privacy,” said Dandrow, who says that the device is perfectly legal because it doesn’t physically obstruct the license plate. “People should look into how these companies use all of the information they collect. This just stops them from collecting even more.”

The recent Xavier University graduate said that he didn’t develop the noPhoto for people to break the law, but to stand a chance against money hungry municipalities using high tech cameras to collect $100 bills from drivers – lawfully or otherwise.

via Autoblog

Yup, this will go over well with the police.



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