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Don’t Want To End Up On A Stretcher? Here’s 5 Ways To Stay Upright


Prevention is better than cure; this statement has never been truer. By using heart supplements, you can prevent heart problems by blocking the dangers before they can get a grip and avoid the need to revert to pharmaceutical drugs to cure heart problems that have been diagnosed. The simple and humble vitamins are your best friend as they fight cholesterol and flush your arteries of dangerous fatty build ups. Follow these 5 steps to avoid the danger of a cardiac arrest!

1. An aspirin a day

Aspirin since the 1950s has bought pain relief to millions but its benefits go further than soothing an unpleasant headache. Aspirin thins your blood and makes it difficult for blood clots to form. According to recent studies in Canada aspirin is particularly suitable for men to fight the danger of heart attacks. While the precise reasons are not known, it is believed that, thanks to men’s bigger blood vessels, the tendency for clots to form is higher. Taking a single 85 mg tablet a day can really help.

2. Omega-3: Fishy but true

If you are lucky enough to enjoy eating sardines or herrings you are doing your heart a good turn, the reason for this is that these fish contain omega-3 which combats the ill effects of blood lipids which include triglycerides and blood lipids. Essentially studies confirm that omega-3 can slow the buildup of clots in your arteries, however if you don’t like eating fish there is an alternative by taking cod liver oil capsules.

3. Head for the sun

Sadly not all of us can live in Florida or the Mediterranean countries. However the benefits of sunshine and the vitamin D exposure to it bring can be achieved using alternative methods. Use vitamin supplements and take a daily dose of between 450 and 850 IUs of vitamin D to ensure you maintain a healthy basis.

4. Pump your heart get to know CoQ10

While the name may not follow off your tongue CoQ10 is used to increase the performance of your heart muscles and can cause a small decrease in heart pressure. As a collateral benefit it is believed to improve muscle performance across your whole body. Its use is recommended if you are taking statin drugs or suffer from hypercholesterolemia.

5. Check your cereal packet

What you are looking for is niacin content, many heart doctors conclude that men often die from heart disease thanks to a lack of low cholesterol intake rather than consuming too much high cholesterol food. Niacin helps flush the body of the LDL or high cholesterol. Many of the most popular breakfast cereals contain niacin so take advantage of a healthy breakfast whenever you can.



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