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Going On A Great Holiday With A Shoestring Budget

If we are lucky we can get a few holidays a year. But we usually go for one big decent one abroad, possibly somewhere out in the sun and a beach. Well, going on holiday costs quite a lot of money, but nowadays you have loads of options to be able to keep the costs down and possibly go on a holiday while not spending a fortune. Low cost airline now give you the opportunity to get cheap flights, or even a cheap connecting flight that can save you hundreds of dollars. Here are a few tips on how to go on holiday and stick to a shoestring budget.

Choose your destination in advance

Knowing where you want to go on your holiday will give you the possibility to shop around, and this is exactly what will allow you to save money. For example if you want to go to Europe, let’s say to Rome in Italy. You will find that the direct flight will cost loads, but if you were to get a flight to England, then get a low cost flight to Italy, this could cut the cost of your flight in half. Compare all the different possibilities and chose the cheapest one. It will be worth it when you get to destination.

Look for packages

Some travel agencies sell package holidays where everything is taken care of, flight, transport and hotel. There are also all-inclusive holidays, this means that you won’t have to spend a penny; drinks are free, food and all the different activities too. But always check exactly what the all inclusive vacation pack cover. Compare the prices of doing all the planning on your own, including flight, transport and the hotel where you want to stay, with the prices that the travel agencies will give you with their various packages.

Plan your stay

Be sure to have your entire site seeing planned out before, so you know how much it will cost you. You can find this information on the resorts Internet site. Also remember not to take anything from the room as a souvenir because in many cases, housekeeping will inform the hotel management and it will be charged onto your credit card and they usually charge you quite a lot.

Declare everything on return

On arrival and return, remember to declare all goods, food tobacco and alcohol because you could get a hefty fine if you “forgot” to declare that you have bought 300 cigarettes.



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