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Woody Harrelson’s Reddit Tormentor Speaks, Sticks to Virginity Loss Story

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Late last week, we posted about Woody Harrelson’s spectacularly failed Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), which is generally a post during which celebrities gamely submit themselves to a (usually mostly nice but not always predictable) series of questions from the Reddit community.

Woody Harrelson, who is generally a well-regarded celeb, however, did not fare too well when he gave Reddit a go, and answered a handful of questions before being driven from the site by irritated users who did not want to “talk about the movie.” (The AMA was an attempt to promote the film Rampart. Relations between Redditors in the thread and Harrelson almost immediately broke down, and Gawker has traced the meltdown to the now-infamous question posed by Redditor AndyRooney about Harrelson’s alleged prom night virginity-taking encounter with a young woman.

Gawker messaged AndyRooney, who confirmed:

“I have no interest in outing my self and especially have zero interest in outing the poor girl (wasn’t close to her back then and haven’t spoken to her since high school),” he wrote. “Have no idea about how Woody got there… I didn’t know the guy.” However, he did say the girl was 18 at the time, based on a review of her Facebook page.

AndyRooney seemed to be just a little less taken aback by the attention his question has attracted than Harrelson was by the question itself.

As the site points out, it’s entirely possible AndyRooney is just trolling, but it looks like regardless of the veracity of the assertion, Harrelson will be persona non grata on r/IAmA for a long while. (And it should be noted that Louis CK addressed the topic of fan hookups with far more grace in his own Reddit AMA a few weeks back.) Harrelson has not addressed the allegation.



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