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New Study Says 77% Of Consumers Would Buy From Your Company If The CEO Tweeted

Call me skeptical but apparently a new study from eMarketer, along with Brandfog, (like they wouldn’t have a bias eh) has found that it not just good enough for a company to be saturating the social media world with its presence they want to see the CEO tweeting.

From their survey it seems that CEOs that tweet on a regular basis are more highly regarded than those who don’t. The majority of consumers think that the high level company executives should be on Twitter since that would reflect really well on the company. Of those included in the survey it was found that 78% believe that CEO who are active on Twitter will lead to better communication between the company and consumers.

As well they found that 71% believes that it will improve the company brand image and 64% think it will create more transparency. Along with this it seems that 82% of company employees say that they trust a company more if the C-level and other leadership in the company tweets.

And not only does Twitter and other social media use by CEOs improve how a company is perceived, but it also impacts the all-important bottom line. 77 percent of respondents say they are more likely or much more likely to purchase a product from a company if its higher-ups are tweeting.

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