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Published on May 23rd, 2012 | by James Johnson


Beijing Makes Promise To Tourists: One Two Flies Per Toilet

Beijing Toilet Two Fly Limit

Government officials in Beijing understand that the city has some awfully dirty toilets that tourists are often afraid to use, for that reason officials this week announced a new initiative to help keep toilets in the city clean.

Under new rules currently being developed only two flies are allowed per toilet in each of the cities public restrooms.

It will be interesting to see how Chinese officials actually keep track of this new rule, perhaps they will employ thousands of fly counters.

The new rule on its surface may seem silly and perhaps the city should be shooting for zero flies, on the other hand it sends a direct message that Beijing officials will no longer tolerate out of control bathrooms that scare away tourists.

According to the BBC’s Michael Bristow the move has a very positive effect on many of Beijing’s own residents as well:

“There is a serious side to these regulations though. Many people still do not have their own toilet—and have no choice but to use public conveniences. For them, these rules might make an unavoidable daily necessity a touch more palatable.”



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