Tech Survey Shows That One-Fourth Of American Are Victims Of Data Breaches

Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Steven Hodson


Survey Shows That One-Fourth Of American Are Victims Of Data Breaches

Survey Shows That One-Fourth Of American Are Victims Of Data Breaches

I know from my days as a computer tech that everyone will tell you that they do everything they can to make their machines, and their data, safe but in practice very few do. Whether it be by using brain-dead passwords, not keeping their systems up to date with all the patches, or even in more cases than I care to count, turning off their antivirus software for whatever reason; people lose interest in being safe on the web.

This simple fact is what a recent survey done by McAfee and the National Cyber Security Alliance found and really the results paint a pretty sad picture when it comes to computer safety and our own data.

While the survey found that 90 percent of Americans agree that it is important to have a safe and secure Internet some of the data points they discovered along with that are troublesome to say the least:

  • 64% of those surveyed have never installed any security software or apps to protect against viruses or malware
  • While 48% of smartphone users use their device to access the web 58% of those users have never backed up their data

From Gary Davis, vice president of global consumer marketing at McAfee

“The threat to the safety of Americans online is growing every day and, as the survey shows, the fear of Americans has also grown to 90 percent,”

“It is our responsibility to make sure that consumers are aware of these growing threats, so they can be best prepared to defend themselves against these hidden criminals.”




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