Published on January 28th, 2012 | by Duncan Riley


The Great Jack White Stalker Hit: How This Site Got Gamed

This site published a false story about the singer Jack White the other day.

Here’s how it happened.

The story goes back to things I can’t legally talk about, but I can say a fact: at a stage last year I started to get forwarded to me direct messages from a third parties Twitter account which she set up to harass me.

I can’t legally name that person, but the messages started to come through when she was in a mental hospital. The police told me to not worry about it and ignore it all. I mostly did, and I would add that I did report this, but police said to leave it be.

I was ignoring them all and putting the ongoing harassment messages aside every day, then I was told that the singer “Jack White” was on the scene. I looked further.

Of course in retrospect that those DM messages sent to me without my approval, and potentially in breach of a police order continued to come should have raised some alarms.

I should have known better, and I believe that I’ve been set up. It was a serious plant to damage me.

For legal reasons I can’t name the person who forwarded this to me, but I’m more than happy to talk to Jack White or Karen’s ppl about this.

Oh, and the stalker: miss_soylatte (link removed at the request of police.)

We published in error following a gross conspiracy. Don’t hate me for those who have tried to paint Jack White and Karen Elson in this way.




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