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Published on February 11th, 2012 | by James Johnson


Charlie Bit My Finger YouTube Video Is Still Earning Cash, Dad Has Plans For The Future

Charlie Bit My Finger

Charlie bit his brothers finger, that type of brother-brother rivalry happens every single day among big and little brothers but most people don’t earn $160,000 off that single sibling action.

The “Charlie Bit My Finger” video debuted in 2007 and according to the videos creator the short clip which has brought in 417.6 million views has led to an upcoming iPhone and Android App and continues to earn money.

It turns out that 7-year-old Harry and 5-year-old Charlie have become stars of their own in the UK and they may soon have their own line of Children’s book on the horizon.

While Charlie and Harry’s dad says he loves the publicity their video has generated he admits:

“I wouldn’t be upset if people stopped watching. People bring their own view and make assumptions based on no knowledge of us, but we’ve gone beyond the point where we can be angry at what they say.”

I have a child at home, I just hope that one day she does something that earns $160,000, that wouldn’t be bad way to save for her future college expenses.




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