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Four-year-old girl draws a gun at school and father is arrested and strip searched

There’s over reacting and then there’s just plain going over the top reaction and it is the second of those two that highlight this story of a four-year-old girl in Kitchener, Canada; where by the way it is next to impossible for a law-abiding citizen to own any type of hand gun, and what happened when she drew a gun on a piece of paper at school.

You see when Jessie Sansone, 26, went to pick up his daughter from her school he found himself being arrested by the Kitchener police and charged with the possession of a firearm; which they arrived at without any kind of search for the weapon.

It was only after Sansone had been arrested, handcuffed, and transported to the police station that the police went to his home where his wife and three other children were waiting for him to come home. At this point the police requested the for the wife to come to the police station while the children were taken to Family and Children Services to be questioned.

During this time Sansone was placed in a jail cell after being told he was being charged with possession of a firearm, told to strip for a search, and then handed a blanket and told that he would appear before a judge in the morning in order to post bail.

Now understand one thing – up until this point there was no gun found anywhere.

In fact it wasn’t until he was released a couple of hours later by a detective who tried to apologize that Sansone was asked for permission for the police to search his house – which he gave even though he didn’t need to.

The school’s explanation: they called child welfare officials because the requires them to if they believe a child is being neglected or is in danger.

The Family and Children’s Services explanation: the agency is obligated to investigate after getting a report from the school.

The police explanation: when it came to the strip search it was done for officer safety because of it being firearms related.

The police also said that it was some of the comments that the little girl made after drawing the gun and showing it to the teacher that raised some ‘red flags’ for the police. Here is what the girl said:

The detective told him that his four-year-old daughter had drawn a picture of a man holding a gun. When a teacher asked her who the man was, the girl replied, “That’s my daddy’s. He uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters.”

via The Record

What Jessie Sansone, who by the way is a certified personal support worker and a life issues counselor who speaks at schools in the area, had to say after the ordeal.

But Sansone says he is feeling real consequences of being arrested. The 26-year-old life issues counsellor for the Kitchener-based Sobriety Center was taken from the school in a police car.

“My family has been tarnished. My name has been tarnished,” Sansone said on Friday. “My children aren’t even going back to that school again.”

via The Record

And the gun that caused all this:



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